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Corel PaintShop Pro X7


Complete photo editing and digital design that's affordable enough for anyone

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Complete photo editing and digital design that's affordable enough for anyone

Remove objects seamlessly with the powerful new Magic Fill

Unforgettable images in less time with faster-then-ever PaintShop Pro X7

Creative tools for creative people

Amazing instant effects for unique photos

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Lynellen Perry "lynellenDOTcom"

I have been using a SUPER old version of this software for years (back when it was JASC Paintshop Pro). Wow, I am so glad I took a chance to try out this new version. Lots of neat improvements (including the fact that it doesn't force Windows into a degraded color scheme like the super old software did), but I am also so happy that many of the menu items are exactly where I am used to finding them. That helps ease the transition.

tweezle "tweezle"

Corel PaintShop Pro X7 is an excellent photo editing and digital design program for the beginner as well as the more advanced user. The user's manual, tips and tutorials make it extremely easy to use. Don't know anything about photo editing but really want to learn? This is definitely the software package for you! Are you familiar with how to use layers and are more advanced? This is definitely the software package for you!

PaintShop Pro X7 is a program that allows you to work at any level and end up with stunning pictures. First, the manual is very easy to read and understand. It has everything you'd like to know in a very easy to use format. Then there's the tutorials - they are fantastic and there are tons of tutorials that teach you how to so many things to make your photos and designs look not only beautiful but also very professional.

I love how easy this program is on all aspects. With lots of additions that you can download, nice new features in this package as well as many tutorials online (besides the ones provided by Corel) one can be producing amazing pictures in no time!

kindred spirit

Oh this is so much better than the version 5 I was using. This is easy to use and I didn't have to study a guide for hours. It does take some time to install when it was all done, registered and the free downloads applied it was about 1.5 hours. My computer is pretty fast and running on Windows 7.

I love that all my picture albums we are talking thousands of pictures are all displayed by name on the manage page makes it much easier to find the one you want. Love the split screen with before and after. Each time you make a change it the new one displays in the before side. Adding text was super fast and easy. I took some photos yesterday just along some pretty roadside beauty. I did some slight changes in hues and added text you can see it in the customer photo section.

This is perfect for beginner and pro. I am not a pro more of an intermediate. My gift is the eye for the photo I am newer to using software to enhance the photos. Most of the time I like RAW photos showing exactly as it was. Now that I have this updated software I will be doing more enhancing as it is so easy to use.


Corel's Paintshop Pro X7 is a competitor to the wildly successful Photoshop Elements, and it has some advantages for the average home photographer. For one thing, it's extremely fast. Loading it and then using the filters and various effects was noticeably faster than Photoshop Elements 12, which is my standard photo editing software. The interface is that dark gray I don't like so much, but it is favored by many people as not being distracting. There are photo adjustment settings that are much simpler to use, such as a red-eye adjustment including cat and dog eyes. I tried it on a photo of my dog with the usual reflective dot in the back of the eye and it took care of that very well, indeed.

It took me about eight minutes to install this software, and it was an easy install.

There is a "learning center" on the side which walks you through some of the functions. The Magic Fill function erases any unwanted objects in a photo, and it automatically selects background from other parts of your photo. However, I had to search around to find this Magic Fill--it wasn't as obviously located as the various filters.

The art media (pencil, chalk, etc) are nowhere near as good as Photoshop Elements. If you do a lot of manipulation using these digital art media, then I'd suggest you'd be happier with Photoshop Elements. There are some interesting artistic effects like "enamel" and "hot wax" and "chrome" which worked well. The artistic effects worked far better than the art media.

I like this software for its speed and clean interface. I think however, this is aimed at the amateur photographer and it's very good--in fact, a lot better than most. Will it replace Photoshop Elements? I don't think so, but it's a very good alternative and a lot faster. If you've used Photoshop Elements and found it slow, you may prefer this. I don't find much advantage otherwise to PaintShop Pro X7, and since I'm very familiar with Photoshop Elements 12, it's hard to switch over and I have no motivation from any wildly-superior functions with PaintShop to change over.

Bottom Line: If you don't have a photo editing software package and you're not a pro or advanced amateur, this is great and it's fast to use.

Quoad Toad

PaintShop Pro is fun and easy to use for novices up through those with intermediate knowledge of photo editing. At work, I use Photoshop, but at home I use PaintShop. PaintShop is more geared to consumers than Photoshop. I find it easier to quickly touch up pictures using PaintShop than Photoshop. I am not an advanced user of Photoshop, so I actually find that I like PaintShop better.

PaintShop fits my needs as a regular consumer. I take a lot of pictures, mostly of my dogs and on vacations. I'm not an expert photographer, but I have a nice camera. PaintShop can take my pictures and make them look better. My two favorite features of PaintShop are the Smart Photo Fix and One Step Photo fix. With the former, you can easily adjust a variety of settings to tweak the image to be exactly how you want it. The latter fixes the photo without the user having to change any settings. I also love the noise reduction feature since I take a lot of images in dim lighting, noise can be an irritating problem.

In addition to the more functional features, there are a variety of fun effects you can apply easily to your pictures. Each effect is able to be tweaked as you please. Some of the effects I have found fun so far are changing the filters, magnifying select areas, and making a picture look like a painting.

There is a "Learn Center" feature that you can set to appear on the right hand side of the software. It explains how the different tools work and how to use them. As a typical user, I don't always know what the different tools do and it's useful to have them explained. I find I'm having an easy time learning PaintShop compared to PhotoShop.

Overall, I'm finding that using PaintShop Pro is fun and far easier to learn than PhotoShop. I recommend this software to the average consumer who wants to touch up pictures quickly and easily and have fun doing it.


It took me only a couple of days to use it. I'm still learning, but is not so hard to do it by-yourself, also there are many tutorials on youtube that you can learn from. 5 stars.


I have been an avid user of Corel PaintShop for the last 3 years. I permanently switched over from Adobe Photoshop because of the higher price tag and, in the last year, the exclusive cloud-only monthly fee versions. I very much like that Corel offers both subscription versions and tradition one-time fee version. I personally like knowing that I will forever own something that I purchase. Renting software is not appealing.

I'll make this review short and sweet. If you've followed my Corel PaintShop Pro / Ultimate reviews from the last 2 years you'll know that I consider Corel's software on par with Adobe. The image processing is just as fast, the tools are all the same (this year we get some very unique new ones), and the layout is just as user-friendly once you get to know it. My overall opinion is that if you are shopping for a new image/photo editing program, Corel PaintShop Pro / Ultimate should be at the top of your list. If this year's new list of features isn't necessary for you, then consider buying the X6 version (2013/14). Last year X6 has many core upgrades, most importantly faster processing and an excellent creative effects library. This year in X7 we another step up in performance (30% faster brush performance), but not at quite the same level as the bump up from X5 to X6. Now this shouldn't dissuade anyone from seriously considering X7. X7 has a handful of great new features that make working with images much faster. These are primarily user interface / workspace changes that offer previews and menu shortcuts. And the main difference is a really impressed AI (artificial intelligence) that helps you to pick the best ways to alter your images.

My bottom line is this: If saving $30 is very important to you, get Corel Paintshop Ultimate X6. It offers a lot and at $40 (at the time of this review) the low price is pretty incredible. But if you would rather spend the extra money and get a more polished piece software and few more bells and whistles (new image effects) and AI help, the buy the X7 version. The difference between Pro X7 and Ultimate X7 is a $20 and a set of one-touch image correction tools, Corel's awesome face correction tools, a few dozen brushes, textures and royalty-free backgrounds, and user friendly "magic fill" feature that intuitive replaces any unwanted section of the photo for you.

Now for the new updates for 2014/15 Corel Paintshop Pro X7:

1) Magic Fill: Corel intuitively replaces any unwanted are of your image with content that matches the background area.
2) Claimed 30% faster brush performance. The rendering (saving) is fast too.
3) New text and shape cutter tools that make creating collages and very creative effects a lot faster. Gone are the multiple steps of layering text, magic tool selection, copy paste, etc. Now it's a one step process.
4) New changes to the materials and colors palette. Corel helps you with matching color combinations and finding textures and patterns that will match what you are working with. Here we see Corel getting some serious brains. Also you get to create and save your own custom palettes of colors, patterns, etc.
5) More popular effects and older ones that have been redesigned for more versatility and accuracy.
6) A smart edges feature that helps you keep your brush strokes "inside the lines" when painting and drawing around objects.
7) Better layer workflow that lets you drag a layer from one image to another and drop it into another image, at the layer level you want it.
8) Support for XMP files - the metadata tags that are placed inside photos and images.
9) More training tools and video tutorials than in the previous year.

So there you have it! I feel that Corel's new AI is the biggest improvement in this year's X7 software. If you are new to image editing or want to expand your skills to gain that professional edge, the AI is alone really worth the price difference between X6 and X7. And if you work with people's faces, spend the extra $20 and get the X7 Ultimate.

If my review helped you, please select "Yes" below. Good luck and enjoy!


Everything that I said two years ago when reviewing Pro X6 is still true in Pro X7. The software does, in fact, load much faster when opened. (I honestly have not timed it to say that it is 30%, but I will say that it is significant and noticeable). Also, there is over 200MB worth of content that you can download for free on Corel that supplements the software with additional brushes, images, clip art, etc. I still love this software and still stand by my opinion that this is a great alternative for the rest of us who dabble in image editing and cannot justify the price of Adobe's product.

Previous Review of Paintshop Pro X6
Let me start off by saying that I am not a professional publisher nor do I create magazine ads for a living. I am a programmer who often has the need to creative professional looking graphics for internal webpages and the like. And, like most folks, I really would like to use Photoshop, but I can never justify the cost of a license to myself (or my employer). Why can't there be a quality product for the rest of us that doesn't cost and arm and a leg? And the answer is Corel Paintshop. When I first installed the software, I wasn't expecting much - but after using it on several occasions, I can say that it is intuitive, easy to work with, and produces the same type of effects and functionality that I would use in Photoshop at 1/6 of the price. Oh, I am sure that Photoshop can do more than this, but for your average person, I think that Paintshop is perfect. I have nothing bad to say about this software and think it is a great value compared to Adobe Phtoshop.


Works wonderfully on my computer haven't had any problems with it at all!

SAlaska "S"

In photo editing software, I care most about installation and ease of use. Installation and ease of use make the difference for me between choosing and using photo editing software and not choosing or using it. I'm not submitting photos to contests or as art, so as long as they look pretty good after editing and as long as the editing doesn't cause me to yell at things, I'm happy.

I'm happy with Corel PaintShop Pro X7!

Easy to install on my Windows 7 laptop. No tech snags. The program hasn't slowed my computer's start-up; instead, the program appears to work seamlessly with everything else (I don't have anything super fancy, just the regular Microsoft Office Suite).

Ease of Use:
The program comes with a great help feature, but honestly, I only know that since I checked it out for purposes of review. I was using the program quite happily and quickly without accessing the help feature. It's user-friendly. I'm not a software genius by any means, but I'm not clueless either. This program seemed to be geared perfectly for those of us in the middle.

My favorite part:
I LOVE the remove red-eye feature; it's the most accurate and convincing I've used. In previous programs, remove red-eye worked by casting a bluish-green wash over the red eyes which left eyes looking sort of purple. Rather pretty, but also tell-tale photo editing. Since I can't seem to take a photo without red-eye showing up, Corel PaintShop Pro X7's remove red-eye feature is invaluable!

I recommend Corel PaintShop Pro X7!