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Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

RC Figures & Robots

Authentic Movement: Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet

$ 139.99
$ 149.99

Authentic Movement: Guide your BB-8 with a smartphone or tablet

Listens & Responds: BB-8 recognizes and reacts to your voice

Holographic Messaging: Record and view virtual holographic videos with BB-8

Autonomous Behavior: BB-8 has a mind of its own - explore the Star Wars galaxy together

Adaptive Personality: Your BB-8's unique attitude and actions evolve as you interact

  • Wireless Phone Accessory
  • Sphero
  • Multi-colored
  • 0851897003779
  • 0851897003694
  • 0757450746520
  • Height 886 hundredths-inches
  • Length 484 hundredths-inches
  • Width 531 hundredths-inches
  • Weight 125 hundredths-pounds
  • Orbotix, Inc
  • Orbotix, Inc
  • R001USA
  • R001ROW
  • 1
  • Height 530 hundredths-inches
  • Length 1030 hundredths-inches
  • Width 660 hundredths-inches
  • Weight 220 hundredths-pounds
  • Yes
  • R001ROW
  • Orbotix, Inc
  • 2015-09-03
  • Orbotix, Inc
  • 851897003694
  • 757450746520
  • 851897003779
  • 1 year
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Chris & Cris Lawson

We were lucky enough to get one on Force Friday before everyone sold out of them. We absolutely love it! This is our first Sphero product so we do not have any experience with them. So far we are really enjoying and having a lot of fun playing with and learning how to control our adorable BB-8. We can not wait to see him in action in The Force Awakens!


Sphero is incredible, BB-8 is awesome. Very cleverly crafted piece of Stars Wars Force Awakens now in my home. Can't wait to see how BB-8 evolves through App updates in the future, especially once the movie is released. The price point is right on target for product quality and capability. As a consumer I had no ridiculous expectations. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phone and it is functioning great, does not work with Galaxy Tablet 4, but I am alright with that! Absolutely love BB-8 and I cannot wait to see what Sphero does in the future!!!


This BB-8 is incredible! Moves just like the one in the movie. Software was amazing as well. Not sure where some of the haters are coming from - think these people's expectations are totally unrealistic. Come on guys this is a rolling droid that works amazingly well! And it has holographic messaging and patrol. Love it, Bought two. One for myself and one for my son.


I first saw The Empire Strikes Back on VHS when I was four/five years old ('91/'92). My Grandmother let me pick it out at the local video rental store. I vaguely remeber choosing it based on the cover.
I had her rent it two more times over the next year before I realized Star Wars was a Trilogy.

I've loved Star Wars ever since. Even in the sixth grade, when I saw The Phantom Mencace, I cringed a bit, but the series endured for me.

I grew up on Star Wars. I had/have tons of action figures and vehicles. I made my own movies, as a kid, with friends and action figures, on an old shoulder mounted Sony VHS recorder camera.

If I had this BB-8 back then, I would have been completely enamored. Whether it was action figures, vehicles, light sabers, or video games, Star Wars merchandise always made my Birthday list. I saw this product this morning on IGN and added it to my Birthday list this year (end of this month.) It was extraordinarily nostalgic for me. Star Wars hasn't been on my list in quite a while (28 years old in a couple weeks)

To my total surprise, my wonderful Wife brought BB-8 home for me this afternoon. She's adored him since Star Wars Celebration, and she has never seen a single film (just won't budge.)

Overall, it's a really neat piece from Star Wars. I'm happy to have BB-8 sitting on my desk. More importantly though, my Wife likes him and my 15 month-old daughter kept saying Beebee [BB] (baby) which, coincidentally is my favorite word she says at the moment, while she was mezmerized by the fact that its head was turning on its own in its charging station.

I Can't wait to play Battlefront on my PS4 and go see The Force Awakens this Winter...very pleased that Abrams is Directing.
Thanks for the "droid", Star Wars, Sphero, Disney, etc. Five-star product, in my opinion.

A Morningstar

I'm a longtime Star Wars fan who is into tech and, yes, hyped for Episode VII. Considering purchasing BB-8? First, have a compatible smartphone and be aware that it recharges via USB. Taking the price of the Sphero alone at about $129, the Star Wars treatment and BB-8 personality (BB-8 head, design and app sounds) are worth the additional cost.

Just another opinion in this set of reviews, I can share what I really enjoyed about BB-8:
+ The design - Some Star Wars desktop statues can go for a much higher cost than this, but this obviously allows you to do so much more than just displaying it on your desktop.
+ The packaging - simple and secure packaging in a nice design. It's Disney + Star Wars. Easy to start playing with it out of the box.
+ The accessories - I prefer a USB cable over another AC adapter. The cradle is detailed and provides a secure and clean charging platform for BB-8. The magnetic BB-8 head has wheels to help rotate 360 degrees.
+ The interactivity - The downloadable app allows you to control BB-8 directly, listen to the cool sounds of BB-8, has a camera to record augmented reality messages and listens to voice commands. Surely will be upgraded in the future with more!

It's super fun to direct and control BB-8 around your home for your friends, family, pets and other BB-8s! The charger and BB-8 unit has lights to indicate charging or when BB-8 is being expressive. See the photos I've included for more details.

The $149.99 MSRP may be restrictive to some, but if you have some money that you can put into having one piece of Star Wars Episode VII memorabilia, the Sphero BB-8 is something great to consider. I had no problems with operation. Enjoyable and to me, worth it!

Jordan Gott

I've been reading a number of reviews here about the video being misleading (which I disagree with) and I'd like to add my experience so far, having purchased one on Sept. 4th.

No, the sounds do not come from they toy itself, but I find this to be a non-issue. With as much technology that is packed into this little ball-droid, I don't see how speakers for voice could be expected; especially since they would be muffled by the casing. The sounds coming from the app allow for a louder, more clear audio than in-toy speakers could ever achieve.

As for controlling BB-8, it does take a bit of practice. I found that it took about fifteen minutes for me to get a good grasp on the controls. Adjusting its speed in the settings was helpful; they key is to not go so fast that you lose control. Patrol mode is fun, and although I've read reviews where people stated that it just bumped into things, I didn't find that to be entirely the case. Yes, within small spaces it will bump into objects frequently (by nature of a roaming mode), but it will adjust itself and continue to roam while preforming quirky personality bits. You can also view a variety feedback data of its journey in real time.As for the head: it stays on very well. The attachment is strong and I've only had it pop off once or twice during play (and only when smacking forcefully into an object). When it does separate, BB-8 glows red and will shake in response. Voice control has a variety of commands including a reaction to the famous phrase "It's a trap!". It's very fun to see him react to your voice and takes the toy further than a simple R/C robot. Also, during manual control there are a number of pre-set expressions and actions you can make BB-8 do including: 'yes' and 'no' and 'frustrated' expressions, movement in a square or figure-8, wobbling, and more.

I feel as if a lot of the negative reviewers expect this to be an earth-shatteringly advanced, real-life robot but if you do the proper research, you'll find that it's a well made, functions very well, and is fun to drive around and have small interactions with. At $150 it's not for a casual buyer (I'm sure other companies will release cheap-o versions), but as a HUGE Star Wars fan, I can tell you it's fast become one of my favorite Star Wars items.

V. Mars "Frak!"

I love this toy. I hate even calling him a toy. I guess I didn't have as high of expectations as some people do regarding his capabilities because I'm thrilled. But I work in tech, so for $150 I feel he was a bargain.

As soon as I saw the video Sphero made I knew I had to have one. I squealed so hard when I put him on his charger the first time and he came to life. I've only had him for a few days, but I love just putting him on patrol when I'm lounging around the house. I find myself talking to him, even scolding him when he decapitates himself on some of my lower furniture. I'm not sure about the 'adaptive' capabilities he has, but if I hold him and make a beeping noise similar to one of his, he'll make the same one back (out of his canned responses)

Some people are upset he doesn't work with their device, but it's not like that information is a big secret. Do some research before dropping $150. Yes, his vocals come from your phone and not the droid itself, but to me that's a minor disappointment. This droid is heavy-duty. I have slate floors, I've dropped him from about 4 feet and aside from his head flying off he's good as new. He can roll over cords and rugs, but really hits his stride on hard surfaces.

His personality is adorable, and even if he just sat on his charger, shivered and beeped at me I woulda bought him.

Kyle Wagner

Loving this little guy. The controls on the app are very responsive, and BB-8 can travel pretty far without losing contact with the app. The only thing I would like to see added are more programmed moves added to the app (right now, you can do things like make BB-8 do a figure 8 or make a square), and add more voice commands. BB-8 has proved quite durable; it can crash into a wall at full speed, and worst that happens is that his dome comes off. This is easy to reattach. I would be careful about using him around stairs or ledgers, however, as a long fall might crack the ball.

Amazon Customer

Cute and fun!!

Nereida Kusnadi

Most adorable droid.